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Tribes of Wawaloo


The Timebuilders returns with an all new amazing puzzle game! With now more than 4 milion downloads and a 4.5 stars average review for the 3 games of the series, puzzle players all around the world are appreciating the brand!Go on a thrilling adventure in Tribes of Wawaloo and explore a gorgeous yet, dangerous island, devastated by war and conflicts.
Help Maria and Andrew to rebuild monuments and bring back the peace among the tribes of Wawaloo. Visit all chiefs on different territories and help them within the mission they want you to achieve. Find out who is there to give you a hand and who plots to prevent you from succeeding!
- FREE-TO-PLAY!- Explore the island through more than 85 exciting levels!- Help rebuild villages and monuments throughout your journey.- Puzzle out how to reel in peace between the clans.- Play Tribes of Wawaloo every day to earn free gems.- More levels of Tribes of Wawaloo to come!
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Note: A network connection is required to play Tribes of Wawaloo.
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